12. Lyme disease and Braving Nature to Heal

Kate Rentz, director, photographer and adventurer

Kate Rentz:

Kate Rentz is a director and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA.  She’s enthusiastic about the outdoors, culture, travel, art, and human connection.  Kate was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after suffering for 15+ years going undiagnosed. During those 15 years, Kate experienced extreme pain, insomnia, and brain fog which she complained about in countless doctor’s offices. The diagnoses came back varying: Endometriosis,  IBS, and the infamous, “it’s all in your head.” Kate Rentz found the majority of her healing in Flagyl, herbs, ozone therapy, AND the great outdoors.

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The Weekly Challenge:

This is new my friends so I hope you’re on board for some change! My podcasts are now due to come out on Mondays and with each episode I will be releasing a “weekly challenge.” But what IS  a weekly challenge!? It’s something for you to do each day of that week that will contribute to your healing. Remember: Do not beat yourself up, we are simply striving to do this, it is NOT about perfection. Also, please take the challenge and mold it to suit you. The best part (for me): I’m going to do it, too! So, hop on over to my Instagram @sheajackie and follow me to see IF I’m able to do it! Ready for this week’s challenge?

GO OUTSIDE. Each day, for at least twenty minutes, get yourself out. Whether that means sitting on your stoop and staring at a tree, going for a hike, walking around the block, or going skiing—I don’t care what or how. But get outside during the sunny hours and look at some nature. Your lawn? The bird up there? The clouds? Whatever. I’m going to be in NYC this week so it will be an extra challenge. Giddy-up.

Listen to this Episode if you are Especially Interested In:

  • Lyme disease
  • Holistic healing
  • Parasites and how to treat them
  • Listening to your own body and how it helps you heal
  • How to get outside when you’re totally exhausted
  • What to do when you have flare-ups
  • Resting when you hate resting
  • How nature can heal you

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The Curse of Knowing how Healthy Feels


I was observing my surroundings. How did I get here? I was lying on a flat table with one needle in my right arm and one in my left—the one in my right drawing dark, heavy, apathetic blood  from my sick body so it could pool in a machine where it got an expensive make-over,  the one in my left  feeding me an upgraded, strawberry-like vibrant blood. My dear friend sat next to me with a book she was reading aloud to keep me calm. Two innocent-faced,  pretty nurses that didn’t speak much English were nearby watching multiple patients. We were in Bali, Indonesia. My eyes grew fainter, my body more restless as though something inside of it was dying and fighting for life. The needles hurt, the treatment exhausted me,  I was afraid. Across from me was another woman receiving the same treatment but with no friend sitting at her bedside. How do you do this alone?  We struck up a conversation because it was weird to be receiving such an intimate treatment in the same room and not say a few words like, “hello. funny to see you here.” or something. As it turned out, we were both in the grips of Lyme disease.


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