Happy Gratitude day!

I’m wishing everyone a fulfilling day with family and friends.

See my post on gratitude for some advice  on daily G-spot living!

For those who are not feeling well today—whether in body or mind—I’m holding your hand, I’ve got you.

I once was complaining to my grandfather about how hard life felt. He, who had spent two years in the hospital healing from 3rd degree burns, who lost his beloved fiancee in that same fire, who then lost half of his foot in a welding accident, who had family troubles, and financial struggles for so much  of his life— HE said, “Ack, Life’s hard? Eat a piece of candy!”

I like to remember that simple and joyful solution on days like today. It’s just not that serious.  Just eat a piece of candy.

A small disclaimer: my grandfather also eventually developed diabetes. So, maybe take that quote figuratively instead of literally.

Big love. Big fun!







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