Ru Paul “Rules”:

My dear friend spent his weekend at “DragCon,” in Downtown Los Angeles,  where all of the famous Drag Queens from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race” gathered to inspire all of those who have that extra splash of color to their inner rainbow. Or maybe the Queens were gathering for the financial profit- doesn’t matter. When I was asked if I wanted a souvenir from the event, I frantically said, “yes! yes- anything that says, ‘if you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ duh! ”

I got home last night after an awful Mother’s Day, feeling all depleted,  and this poster sat on my bed. I yelped. I squealed, “Ian! Look what I got!!!” My “on- the- spot happy” was in rage.  I just so happened to have a perfect sized frame that had my “vision board” in it. With no regret, I tore the vision board out and put my new poster in. THIS pretty much covers the idea behind every magazine clipping I carefully placed on that new agey creation, anyway.  Within 5 minutes, it was framed, and I was like, “This is going to go right above my bed!” And Ian, the boyfriend, was like, “Remember that time I bought you an iPad and you were just like, ‘cool, thanks.’ I’ve never seen you so excited about something.” It’s true.

BEST PART: the poster was free. No financial profit was had. SECOND BEST PART: Read the first paragraph from my post entitled “Read This” from  5 days ago- I talk about this exact quote.


WITH FUN AND LOVE, Jackie Shea inspired by Ru.

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