13. Life After Paralysis: The Good, the Bad and the Skydiving

Latisha, the baddest bitch in all the land

What Happened:

On an early December morning in 2001, Latisha S. was on  the receiving end of a random act of violence. A bullet to her neck at a bus station in East Harlem, NY, left Latisha paralyzed from the waist down. With two young children at home she had quite the journey ahead of her. Seventeen years later with experiences varying from extreme depression to unbelievable triumphs, Latisha lets us in on how she lives her very best life. I hope you feel as inspired as I do after listening to this episode!!

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Weekly Challenge:

“It’s ok to not be ok”

Beautiful friends, this week’s challenge is near and dear to my heart. It’s simple but totally life changing: Everyday take ten minutes— give or take— to tell someone how you feel (good, bad or indifferent). Tell a friend, a therapist, a family member, a support group, or find someone online who is experiencing a similar struggle as you. And just tell them. If this is totally foreign to you, here are some key words: I feel..
Sad, hurt, angry, overjoyed, grateful, peaceful, content, wild, ungrounded, ugly, beautiful, exhausted, pain, confused…
And then expand if you can. You may want to tell your friends and family that you are practicing this for a week and remind people that you don’t need a response, you just need someone to listen. Another pointer: GO WHERE THE LOVE IS. Please do not call your abusive ex- lover to vulnerably tell them how you feel today. I’ve tried it for you— it sucks!
Ok, get busy and keep me posted on IG @sheajackie or @naked_shea

Listen to this Episode if you are  Especially Interested In:

  • life after paralysis
  • living with a physical disability
  • persevering with a physical disability
  •  accessibility
  • how to be a badass self-advocate
  • incredible triumphs!
  • deep depression and moving past it
  • resources for help!
  • how Latisha went from home and depressed to independent with her Masters.

Resources Listed in this Episode:

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