6. Low Immunity and How Essential Oils Help

Targa Sahyoun

The “Low” Immune System:

There are many different versions of the low immune system story, none to be confused with autoimmune diseases (this is a completely separate topic). Today’s particular story started while my guest was in utero. Before Targa Sahyoun came out of the womb, she received three full blood transfusions. (I know, right!?) Her mother had a blood disorder where her blood produced antibodies that were set to attack her fetus’ red blood cells. With the blood transfusions, Targa survived, but was born three months premature, at just two pounds, Targa spent the first three months of her life in the incubator and was resuscitated seven times. (I know, right!?) She is a walking miracle, surviving with far less damage than initially expected—just the ol’ low immunity. Targa battled varying degrees of illness all of her life—the worst bouts occurred at eight years old and 31 years old in the form of mono and meningitis. She was consistently treated with loads of antibiotics furthering her gut issues and therefore taxing her immune system even further. Through trial and error, finding the right treatments and a ton of discipline with her personal self-care regiment, today Targa feels better and stronger than she ever has.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a widely used treatment today for ailments across the spectrum. They are the highly concentrated form of the natural oils in plants and extracted using a process called distillation. You can ingest them, sniff them, diffuse them, or rub them right on your skin (after you dilute them, that is). The most important thing is that you purchase therapeutic grade oil. Especially if you are ingesting them, you want a high quality oil, prepared and preserved correctly. Below, in the resources, you will find links to two highly trusted brands, and here is a simple guide to use.

Targa Sahyoun:

Targa oversees music video production at a record label here in Los Angeles. Outside of her busy career, she is passionate about her wellbeing, travel, friendships and, of course, essential oils. If you have any questions for her, you can contact her directly here.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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