Must-Have Books for Healing

Hi beautiful friends, 

Few things make me happier than passing on something that has changed my life to YOU. Today I’m focusing on my must-reads for healing (from chronic illness.) Unfortunately, as you know, something else I’m passionate about is that we all have different experiences and different cellular structure and different minds, traumas, and pasts so what works for me won’t always benefit the you. I can only hope that something I say or suggest resonates for you and you have a similar feeling of holy-shit-this-is-what-I’ve been-searching-for. Because I so badly want you to feel and be at your most well and joyful, and I know that’s at your fingertips.

When I was bed-bound and raging with sleeplessness, pain, depression, and feral anxiety (just a few of the things), I needed all of the support I could get. Whether that be a text from a friend, a grounding meal, a funny movie, or an inspiring book. The things I could do while alone were my most precious gems in my box-of-tricks—I was alone a lot and self-soothing was both paramount and something I sucked at. The books listed below saved my ass. At first, I couldn’t read because of the terrible anxiety and confusion I experienced, but I could listen. I invested in an audible account, and I really believe that the books I listened to on repeat contributed a great deal to my getting well. As I started getting better, I could read again and books number three, four, and five  kept me moving along my inspired path to recovery.

Listed in order of importance: 


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