Lyme disease

Lyme disease is an epidemic affecting 300,000 Americans each year. It is unrecognized by most, and immensely misrepresented by many doctors and the CDC, making it an arduous recovery process. But recovery is possible, and you are not alone.  Read my story, struggles, and eventual triumph over Lyme disease.

14. Why Women are so Sick, with Sini Anderson

Sini Anderson: A feminist filmmaker and activist, Sini was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2010 during production of her documentary, The Punk Singer. After watching her dear friend, Kathleen Hanna, battle Lyme disease and then—in a weird plot twist— battling it herself, Sini knew her next film was going to be about Lyme disease. Research […]

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12. Lyme disease and Braving Nature to Heal

Kate Rentz: Kate Rentz is a director and photographer living in Los Angeles, CA.  She’s enthusiastic about the outdoors, culture, travel, art, and human connection.  Kate was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015 after suffering for 15+ years going undiagnosed. During those 15 years, Kate experienced extreme pain, insomnia, and brain fog which she complained […]

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5. How to use Energy Healing to Get Well

Energy Healing Have you wondered just what energy healing is? All of this “woo-woo” stuff gaining traction in 2017? (Especially here in Los Angeles.) Learn about shamanism, reiki, and other weird but magical things in this episode from two unlikely women. Emily Wallace “Once I committed to my emotional, mental, spiritual health that’s when I […]

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3. Lyme Disease: How to Self-Care with a Demanding Job

  Lyme disease:   Halley Feiffer ignored her symptoms until they were drastically affecting her lifestyle. It was backstage in the middle of a performance, when she realized that she couldn’t rely on booking effortless jobs and she needed to go to the doctor. Through treating Lyme and strategically monitoring her self-care, today Halley manages a […]

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1. Lyme Disease: How to Get Properly Tested and Other Healing Gems

  After two decades of harsh and debilitating symptoms, Jill Skibba finally got the Lyme testing she had been begging doctors for all along. The test came back lit up like a Christmas tree: Positive and then some. Find out what test was taken to get the reliable results, what Jill did/does to get better, […]

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Being Unproductive is Underrated

“Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down was playing as a crowd pleaser in-between sets at a Maui music venue. It was 2011—too many years since Kryptonite had been popular. But that’s typical of time-lagging-feet-dragging island life. I rolled my eyes because I was an artsy snob from New York City,  but secretly I loved the song. […]

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Bill Nye Saves the World?

That is a mighty declaration Bill Nye makes in his new Netflix show’s title, isn’t it? Especially since his “entertaining” op-ed-esque message in episode two on alternative medicine is mostly destructive. Normally, I wouldn’t be interested in watching anyone try to debunk alternative medical treatments because it is just a way for me to get […]

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On Mucus, Urine, and Peace

  Mucus: I’m home sick—”normal” sick. I have plump yellow and green stuff building up, breaking up, and making its way out. The “normal- sick” sensation remains one to rejoice over. I didn’t experience this for a couple of years—something about Lyme making it impossible for my immune system to work enough to fight common […]

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While we’re on the Topic of Women: What’s up with our Immune Systems?

His teeth moved in his mouth like they weren’t cemented in place—were they dentures or just loose? Was it a twitch he had in his jaw that made his upper teeth push against his lower teeth rocking them forward like that? Was it just his age—will my teeth soften too one day? Jack was in his […]

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Clean Eating: My “Controversial” Diet

I gave up booze and drugs at the startling age of 17—the age many (or most?) people are just getting started. Jaws still drop when I mention in passing that I, in fact, do not drink and haven’t in over a decade, but the news doesn’t land with the same deafening impact it did in […]

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