Join Jackie Shea as she interviews a guest on a vulnerable, enlightened and sometimes hilarious journey through the ups and downs of serious illness. This is a place to relate to the darkest days and be inspired by the ultimate triumphs. Walk away from each 45 minute episode informed, connected and with a new set of tools to help you navigate your own affliction.

3. Lyme Disease: How to Self-Care with a Demanding Job

  Lyme disease:   Halley Feiffer ignored her symptoms until they were drastically affecting her lifestyle. It was backstage in the middle of a performance, when she realized that she couldn’t rely on booking effortless jobs and she needed to go to the doctor. Through treating Lyme and strategically monitoring her self-care, today Halley manages a […]

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Budd Chiari: How to Live Well with this Rare Liver Disease

Budd Chiari: Nick Smoke’s life was overwhelmingly altered the day he found out he had a rare and life-threatening liver disease called Budd Chiari. At 24 years old, he was a working actor with a flourishing career and no reason to be seriously worried about his health —he didn’t drink or smoke, he took good care […]

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1. Lyme Disease: How to Get Properly Tested and Other Healing Gems

  After two decades of harsh and debilitating symptoms, Jill Skibba finally got the Lyme testing she had been begging doctors for all along. The test came back lit up like a Christmas tree: Positive and then some. Find out what test was taken to get the reliable results, what Jill did/does to get better, […]

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