I’ve been CURSED with a natural talent for vulnerability and self awareness. I’ve been BLESSED with a wealth of disturbing experiences and a dark sense of humor.

I’ve been bruised by my broken family, addiction, and the many pains of chronic illness.  I have been blessed with an ambition to LIVE. No matter what. I have a great passion to live my best life (even when that passion is hiding in the dark corners, it’s always there).

HERE is not the place for you if you are squeamish when faced with holding the chaos of life. HERE is the place for you if you are facing the chaos bravely and honestly. Here is the place for you if you need to feel a little less alone with all of that garbage. Here is the place for you if you want practical solutions for your heartache or illness.

This is a space for healing. Sometimes with laughter. Sometimes in the comfort of knowing that I feel what you feel. Sometimes with gratitude and love. Sometimes with recipes and suggestions to reach your ultimate wellness. Too Sick and Naked is about how to survive when your defenses are down and you’re totally EXPOSED.

I will talk about how to keep singing through it all even when you’re tone deaf. I am tone deaf, and I love to sing which, in my opinion, was God’s greatest mistake because I could have been the female version of Robert Plant. I can’t whistle, wink, or do any of those cool things with my eyebrows either. It feels good to just get that out of the way.

With Fun, Love, and an EXCESS of exhibitionism,





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