9. How to Self- Advocate at the Doctor’s and Why it’s Crucial

Natasha Cecere, self-advocacy hero 


“You are allowed to be demanding and annoying about your health” 


Self- Advocacy:

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Probably because it saved my life. I have always said that I am my own primary care-taker and everyone else is supplemental—including doctors. Someone I agree with once said, “the days of doctor knows best are OVER.”

For the first episode of 2018, I chose to bring on Natasha Cecere a knowledgeable and fierce self-advocate. It’s the resolution time of year, many of you are grabbing life by the balls—taking control where you’ve regrettably released the reins. As far as I’m concerned life= HEALTH. Take your health into your own hands, don’t simply surrender your most precious self to the “white coats in charge.”

In this episode, you’ll learn some easy self-advocacy tips and hopefully feel inspired to take control of your health.

Natasha Cecere:

After facing her own mortality due to a rare reaction to Hepatitis A, Natasha began educating herself on health and has since learned so much about her body and medicine that it is one of her great life passions. Her interest is especially strong in women’s health.

Natasha is an East-Coast transplant, living in Hollywood. She is an actor, storyteller, singer, and body and sex advocate. You can find her on Instagram @funnygal83


Listen to this Episode if you are Especially Interested IN:

  • What info to give your doctor and what it’s safe to withhold
  • Antibiotic misconceptions (and different tips for taking them)
  • Women’s health and how to make the most out of gyno. appointments
  • Mirena IUD complications and how to advocate for removal
  • Who is safe to use Mireana IUD and who shouldn’t
  • Why it’s worth it to look silly at the doctors office
  • Why you can’t care what others think
  • Listening to your body above all else
  • How to learn about your body
  • Quick and easy ways to advocate for yourself at doctor’s offices, in hospitals and at home.


Reminder: We are not doctors, and we highly suggest everyone see a doctor that they trust and respect. While we suggest you push for what you think is right for your own body, we also suggest getting multiple opinions from multiple doctors before making any rash decisions. 

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