4.How Trauma Affects us and How to Heal

Jessica Graham
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Most of us have it. From childhood trauma to sexual trauma, these experiences get locked in our bodies and affect our immune systems and inflammation responses. The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)  study was performed at Kaiser over a four-year period in the 90’s. The study concluded that childhood trauma resulted in serious medical consequences. Our bodies react to stress as children: Hormones are secreted, neurotransmitters are activated, inflammatory proteins flood the blood stream. This can lead to long-lasting physical changes —early adversity alters the chemicals of DNA in the brain. Personally, I have a score of 7/10,  the higher the score, the worse the outcome. In their findings, with an ACE score over 7, your risk of heart disease is 360 % higher than patients with a 0 score. If you have a 4 or higher, you are twice as likely to smoke, be an alcoholic, and have sex before you’re 15. You’re two times as likely to get heart disease and four times as likely to have chronic bronchitis. Nadine Burke MD looks at childhood trauma as a medical issue. Her view is that these issues are not for sociologists and economists but that they need to be addressed on a molecular level, and not simply with an anti-depressant which can further harm the body.

My guest, Jessica Graham, is passionate about healing trauma. With a 10/10 Ace score, she has dedicated many years of her life to rewiring her brain through meditation. On stable ground, Jessica expanded her mindfulness practice to her sex life deepening her healing and therefore her overall wellness. She is an inspiration, a force, and a reminder that deep healing is possible.

Jessica Graham:

Jessica is a spiritual teacher, sex and intimacy guide, filmmaker, and author of the new book, “Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out.”

To work with Jessica and find out more about what she does, please visit:  Www.yourwildawakening.com

To purchase her book (I highly suggest this book for anyone interested in healing old trauma and having a healthy sex life):

Resources mentioned in episode:

  • find out what your ACE score is and more about the study: https://acestoohigh.com
  • A two-week free code from Jessica for Simple Habit meditation app: https://www.simplehabit.com/redeem/meditatewithjessica
  • Article on childhood trauma: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/03/21/the-poverty-clinic

Listen to this episode if you are especially interested in:

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  • How to start meditating even if you’re in pain
  • How to bring mindfulness into the bedroom
  • How to deepen your sexuality and self-love




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